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Unfortunately, many of us are so used to having our eyes on a computer screen or television set that eye and vision issues too often go unnoticed. Think about it, after staring at a computer screen for a time, do you have to rub your eyes? Squint because words and images are blurry?

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Contacts vs glasses. It’s an argument as heated as cats vs. dogs, Beatles vs. Stones and crunchy peanut butter vs. smooth peanut butter. Some wearers will opt for a combination of the two, whilst others have a solid preference for one and stick to it. However, misconceptions about contact lenses,


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Sunglasses go hand-in-hand with summer, but the reality is that you should wear your sunglasses year-round. It doesn’t matter where you live or what the weather conditions are like, wearing sunglasses in Oakville is an essential part of caring for your vision. In this article by Invision Optical,


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Are you aware that 75% of adults need some sort of corrective lens for their eyes? About 64% of those wear glasses! One of the most common worries about getting glasses is the fear of what people will think. Learning about the benefits may be just what you need to keep a positive mind,


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Has your primary care provider said you need glasses, but you’re afraid they won’t look good? Do you think contacts might hurt your eyes or be hard to take care of? It’s normal to have lots of questions and feel nervous about getting glasses or contacts. However, it’s important to wear them if your vision needs correcting.